The Anxiety Epidemic


A Note from the Editors: Pastor Scott Sauls has said the following: “Studies indicate that when we suffer mental illness alone, the results can be tragic, even horrific. When we suffer inside a support system, however – when we bring our pain and sorry and stress into the light in the context of redemptive community – the chances of coping well become exponentially higher.” Far too often in recent months, Americans have experienced the tragic and horrific results of untreated mental illness even as we struggle with mental health challenges in our own hearts and homes. Mental illness isolates the sufferer and destroys community at every level, from friendship to family to church to city. Teenagers are at the forefront of this epidemic. At Rooted, we seek to be a small part of your support system, just as you seek to support and encourage the students in your care. This week, we will share articles and podcasts that examine different facets of mental health, remembering that no matter the challenges we face, we have a living hope in Jesus Christ.


If you work with kids in any capacity, you’ve most likely witnessed first-hand the epidemic of anxiety among American adolescents. What is anxiety? What is feeding the anxiety epidemic? How does it manifest itself in kids? And how can we provide Gospel-centered hope and healing for our anxious kids? Check out this Youth Culture Matters podcast (CPYU) in which Walt Mueller talks with Dr. Phil Monroe about children, teens, anxiety, and the gospel.

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