The Gospel and Justice: The Kingdom’s Call for a Good Work with Watson Jones (Rooted 2020 Conference)


Over the next several weeks, we will share workshop and plenary content from our Rooted 2020 Microconferences. This week’s workshop on racial justice issues comes to us from Watson Jones III. We were fortunate enough to host Jones at our 2019 conference, where he gave a plenary, On Death to Living Hope, and a workshop, Growing Youth to be Salt and Light. Watson has also been a guest on the Rooted podcast: Pastoring to Youth in Church Plants

The goal of this workshop is to aid youth ministry pastors and workers to equip students to be Kingdom and Gospel Ambassadors who properly navigate the racial justice issues of the day. We will discuss a history of racism in America to gain an understanding of its effects in the present day. We will discuss a biblical and theological rationale for why Christians have a biblical mandate to be concerned about injustices and should move toward that end.

You can also listen to this workshop as a podcast:

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