Why I’m Excited about Rooted 2012: Part 2


Youth ministry is a lonely job with a great deal of turnover. Very often, you connect with a solid youth minister in your town and that person either goes to seminary, takes an associate pastor position, leaves for the mission field, or decides to sell life insurance. Finding good community and people with experience and expertise in the field becomes a rare blessing.

At the 2010 Rooted Conference, as will be the case with this year’s meeting, I found dozens of experienced, sharp, committed youth ministers with whom to share conversations, exchange ideas, and refine my ministry. I cannot wait to see how people from the Northeast, Southwest, Midwest, and Pacific Northwest approach ministry as a means of challenging how I do ministry in the American South. I am extremely excited about spending three days with people who, quite frankly, are much better at the trade than I am, as a means of growing in Christ and in ministry.

You can register for the Rooted Conference on August 9-11, 2012 at www.rootedconference.com.


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