Workshops from the 2016 Rooted Conference (Part Two)


Below you will find links to podcasts for some of the workshops presented at Rooted 2016 in San Diego. The first group of workshop podcasts released can be found here.

Ain’t That a Shame: Understanding How Shame Affects Asian American Youth, Benjamin Shin
The pressures of youth today are enormous, especially if one desires to be a faithful follower of Christ. Add to this the cultural dynamic of shame to Asian American youth, and you have a very toxic combination. In this workshop, Benjamin Shin explains how shame affects Asian American youth, and how Christ became the ultimate shame-bearer through His death on the cross, and by His resurrection for new life.

The Tree: A Model for Understanding Sexual Struggles, Dan Wilson and Cooper Pinson
Where does our sexuality come from, and how can we understand our students as sexual creations? This workshop uncovers the complexities of humanity as it pertains to sex and sexuality, how sin mars it, and how Christ restores it.

Growing as a Speaker, Dave Wright
How do we improve our communication of the gospel and the truths of God’s word? Effective speaking is about both the content and how we communicate that content. How do we shake off bad speaking habits and develop skills to captivate an audience? How do we make our teaching memorable and immediately applicable? Can we communicate in a way that glorifies God more than drawing attention to ourselves? Applying lessons learned during 30 years of full-time youth ministry (in several very different contexts), this workshop challenges and encourages listeners to become more effective communicators.

Sexualized: Integrating Gospel Sexuality into Student Ministry, Dan Wilson and Cooper Pinson
This workshop helps listeners to communicate and implement a gospel vision for sexuality in student ministry, and offers practical guidance for large/small groups, one-on-one discipleship, and parental support.

Peacemaker: Practical Skills in Dealing with Conflict, Mark Howard and Dr. Tiffany Whitworth
Conflict happens. It can ruin relationships within friendships, families, and churches. But it doesn’t have to. In fact, conflict can lead to stronger, deeper relationships when resolved with wisdom and grace. Drawing upon Ken Sande’s book, Peacemaker, and Gottman’s concept of emotion coaching, this workshop explores practical, biblical ways to resolve conflict and foster a community that actively pursues peace within youth groups and families.


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