After much prayer and discussion during this Covid-19 season, we have decided to restructure and re-envision our 2020 annual conference, originally scheduled for Birmingham. While we lament letting go of our traditional format, which brings such joy and life to so many, we believe God has given us a tremendous opportunity to bless even more parents and youth pastors during these hard times.

In late September, Rooted will host our first ever national micro-conference. This innovative concept will preserve many of the assets of our traditional conference, while heeding and maintaining Covid-19 safety protocols.

Historically, people love the Rooted conference because of life-giving fellowship, empowering instruction, heartfelt worship, and grace-filled Bible preaching. In the national micro-conference, Rooted will provide plenary talks, workshops, and music through our new virtual platform, Rooted Reservoir. People will gather in small groups at churches across North America, while observing the Covid-19 safety protocols of their local areas. They will watch the video content, sing together, pray, break bread, and discuss the talks and workshops.

Rooted initially will rely on its preexisting network of forty Rooted Regional Groups to serve as hosts for the micro-conference. We also hope to recruit and receive applications from other churches who wish to serve as micro-conference sites in their communities.

In the same way that friends gather to watch sporting events or for Oscar watch-parties, we hope groups of youth pastors will gather for edifying prayer, instruction, discussions, and worship for this packed day-long event.

Rooted will release more details about the national micro-conference in the coming weeks. Please pray for us as we seek to educate, encourage, and equip youth pastors in the advancement of gospel-centered youth ministry.


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