Asian American Track Recommendations

These workshops are recommended for youth ministers and student ministry volunteers ministering in an Asian American church.

Gospel Centered Youth Ministry in the Asian Church 
Speaker: Clark Fobes

When it comes to Gospel-Centered Youth Ministry, many of the things we talk about include: Gospel-centered preaching, encouraging parents to be the main disciples of their kids, and students being part of the larger church body. However, when it comes to the Asian Church context, these things are often not present in Youth Ministry, nor are they always plausible. How do we lead Gospel-Centered Youth Ministries in churches where it seems near impossible? How can we shape our Youth Ministries around these healthy practices when our context has great cultural and language barriers that prevent us from doing so? In this workshop, we will look at common barriers in the Asian Church, and how the Gospel-Centered Youth Pastor can strive for a healthy, Gospel-Centered Youth Ministry.

Who Am I: Finding our Place in His Story 
Speaker: Kevin Yi

One of the most beautiful things about the gospel is that it answers one of life’s biggest questions: “Who am I?” The young church needs help in answering this question, and as youth ministers, one of our joys is that we get to help our students discover who they are in Christ. Within the Asian church context, this question becomes more complex as we have to help our students navigate through two distinct cultures: the 2nd generation American culture at school and their 1st generation Asian culture at home. The dissonance often leads to a third culture identity. In this workshop, we’ll work through the unique challenges and opportunities that this presents to help our students mature and grow in their union with Christ, as well as touching on how this affects many of us Asian American pastors as well.