These workshops are recommended for parents attending Rooted 2017. (In alphabetical order by title.)


Changing the Conversation About Same-Sex Attraction 
Speaker: Sharon Hersh

If statistics are accurate, 50% of your ministry will either be in a same-sex relationship or considering one. A recent survey by the National Center for Youth Issues discovered that over 80% of adolescents who identify themselves as Christians do not understand what the big deal is about same-sex relationships. I’m afraid we’ve become like the parents in the Charlie Brown cartoons – making noise when we talk, but not offering much meaning. We need to change the conversation about same-sex relationship. Rather than feeling offended or afraid, we can see these conversations as an opportunity to invite others to a banquet of grace. Rather than speaking from the power of dogmatism, we can speak with the purpose of humility. Rather than turning away in condemnation or uncomfortability, we can anticipate these conversations as way to expose the brilliance of the Gospel and to teach about Biblical sexuality.

In this workshop, we will talk about how we can turn what often can be seen as an uncomfortable conversation into a blessing.


Guiding Teens Through Unexplainable Grief- Lessons from Job and His Friends 
Speaker: Gordon Bals

Adolescence is fraught with difficulty and trial and too often as youth leaders or parents we are like Job’s friends – we focus on horizontal issues and give advice on how to help teens make their life better. Like Job, they feel missed and remain lost not knowing how to reconnect with God through the chaos and pain. This talk will ground you in how to shepherd teens through difficulty so that they experience a richer taste of the Lord and the Gospel.

Home Base Parenting 
Speaker: Gordon Bals

When children play “Hide and Seek” the only place of rest from your enemy is HOME BASE. That childhood game can be a picture of real life. Home should be a place where children are grounded and nurtured in the Gospel so they can dodge the enemy. Too often parents focus on issues such as good behavior, sexual purity and athletic or academic achievement in a way that diminishes rootedness in Christ and fruitful Christian living. Join Dr. Bals as he helps us think through how we might further root and nurture our teens in the glory and beauty and discipline of the gospel. Our time together will include instruction on gospel-centered parenting as well as a time of Q & A.


Making Worship a Lifestyle for Kids, Not Just a Few Songs on Sunday 
Speaker: Zac Hicks

One of the great dangers for our kids is to think of worship as a box to check for an hour on Sunday rather than an all-encompassing orientation of one’s day to day life toward the glory of God. In this workshop, we will explore how to help our kids interpret the “liturgies” present in their everyday life and reorient themselves around what it means to be a “living sacrifice.”

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Media Messages and the Impact on Adolescent Body Image (YM/PT)
Speaker: Alice Churnock

In a culture of skinny jeans and thigh gaps, its no surprise that body dissatisfaction is at an all-time high with youth. Eating disorders are the “good girl’s” drug, often making church youth groups a breeding ground for the addiction. Learn to identify the warning signs of low body image, as well as how to address this difficult topic from a spiritual perspective.


A Psychological Perspective of Spiritual Formation 
Speaker: Brent Bounds

In this workshop we will look at developmental theories of Piaget and Erikson and how they might inform our communication of theological concepts to our children.This is a fun, engaging and practical time of exploring the developmental stages and how they influence a person’s understanding of God.

Reorienting Our Teens to the Truth Social Media Distorts 
Speaker: Kristen Hatton

Synopsis: Walk into a room full of teenagers and quite possibly every one of them will be on their phone, more engaged online than with each other. With so much happening behind the screen it’s hard for parents to keep up, or know what is really going on. And it is easy for teens, seeking an identity in false places, to fall prey to a lifestyle of comparison and the lie of perfection. What will it take to reorient them back to the truth social media distorts? How can we enter in to help them process what they see and evaluate their social media use through gospel-centered lenses? What truths do they need to hear?


Teaching the Teenage Mind: Communicating Spiritual Concepts Effectively to Adolescent Brains
Speaker: Brent Bounds

Communicating abstract, spiritual concepts is challenging regardless of the audiences age, but it’s particularly difficult with teenagers. How is a sixth grader’s mind different from a twelfth graders? How do you teach them differently? Come learn the differences in how a teenage mind processes information in order to lead more effective Bible studies and more engaging talks.

The Anatomy of Addiction 
Speaker: Sharon Hersh

Whether it’s drugs, alcohol, pornography, or just the incessant use of social media and smart phones, addictive behavior is all around us. In fact, recent studies suggest that there is not a family in America that is not affected by addiction. In this workshop, we will exam the physical, emotional, and spiritual anatomy of all addiction and how that can lead us to the possibilities of redemption. We will discuss ways to understand and serve teens who demonstrate addictive behavior or who have family members who struggle with addiction. There is not greater context in which to understand freedom than in looking at the lies and truth about addiction.

The Gospel & the Anatomy of Shame: Inviting Our Students to More 
Speaker: Liz Edrington

Parents and youth pastors both observe a number of concerning behavioral trends among teens: withdrawal, anxiety, and perfectionism. So many students complain about stress or bury themselves in Netflix or their smart phone. Many of these struggles can be interpreted by understanding shame, which pervades our culture. This workshop will give youth ministers and parents the tools to better understand the anatomy of shame at both a psychological and theological level. It will show how the Gospel provides hope for us in helping to bring students out of the isolation and fear that shame so often produces.

Theology of the Cross v. Glory: How We Theologically Misunderstand Our Kids
Speaker: Cameron Cole

For years churches and families have ministered to kids through moralism and exhortation. We tend to minister to kids through a theology of glory. Martin Luther critiqued the theology of glory in launching the Protestant Reformation and articulated the theology of the cross. This workshop will show how the different approaches influence our spiritual leadership of kids. It will talk about how the Cross changes the way we relate to and lead kids. It will offer specifics on how it changes our teaching, how we pastor to them in suffering, and how we disciple them.

Why Ferris Bueller NEEDED a Day Off: The Realities of Teen Stress and Anxiety 
Speaker: Alice Churnock

AP classes. ACT scores. Football scholarships. Prom dates. The list of teen stressors is a mile long, and even more intensified with divorce, death and other major life crises. In this session, we’ll explore the stages of adolescent development and stress’ impact on the body and brain. Learn strategies for helping youth (and yourself!) manage stress more effectively.