After much prayer and discussion during this Covid-19 season, we have re-envisioned our 2020 annual conference, originally scheduled for Birmingham. While we lament letting go of our traditional format, which brings such joy and life to so many, we believe God has given us a tremendous opportunity to bless even more youth pastors and volunteers during these hard times.

On September 24, Rooted will host nationwide micro-conferences…bringing Rooted to your town! This innovative concept will preserve many of the assets of our traditional conference, while heeding and maintaining Covid-19 safety protocols. Register TODAY!

Historically, people love the Rooted conference because of life-giving fellowship, empowering instruction, heartfelt worship, and grace-filled Bible preaching. In the national micro-conference, Rooted will provide plenary talks, workshops, and music through our new virtual platform, Rooted Reservoir. People will gather in small groups at churches across North America, while observing the Covid-19 safety protocols of their local areas. They will watch the video content, sing together, pray, break bread, and discuss the talks and workshops.

In the same way that friends gather to watch sporting events or for Oscar watch-parties, we hope groups of youth pastors will gather for edifying prayer, instruction, discussions, and worship for this packed day-long event.

So what are nationwide micro-conferences?

Rather than having a purely virtual conference, we will have dozens of small gatherings at churches across North America. Youth pastors will come together to watch, discuss, pray, sing, and fellowship.

Rooted is relying on the preexisting network of forty Rooted Regional Groups to serve as hosts for the micro-conference. We also hope to recruit and receive applications from other churches who wish to serve as micro-conference sites in their communities.

How can I participate?

You can either register for a micro-conference in your community, apply to host a micro-conference or watch the content virtually on your own. Although, we really encourage you to attend or host one of the micro-conferences to build community, relationships and fellowship with other youth pastors. Even if your micro-conference only includes 3-4 people, during this isolating season of COVID-19, we think safely gathering in smaller groups with social distancing protocols will be a massive blessing to youth pastors and volunteers.

If you are interested in hosting a micro-conference, click here for more information and to access the application.

What will this one-day conference include?

This one-day conference will feature three plenaries, six workshops to choose from, a live Q&A panel of practicing youth pastors, prayer, lunch, fellowship, small group discussion and worship.

Who are the speakers?

We have a great line-up of speaker, you can find a full list of our Rooted 2020 speakers here.

Who will lead my micro-conference?

Each micro-conference will have a host and possible co-host that will lead discussions, prayer time and manage the schedule and safety protocols.

How do I register?

Registration is now available- click here.

Will the content be available at a later date?

All conference content will be available to registered attendees a short time after the micro-conferences take place. So if you missed a workshop, you can watch it on your own time at a later date.



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