The Gospel of Hope

The teen years are difficult. Adulthood? Even harder. Youth ministry? Not exactly a piece of cake.

Life is hard. We get it. We’ve all been there.

What keeps us going?

Simply put: hope.

We’re not talking about wishful thinking based on circumstances or mere desire based on feeling. Rather, we’re talking about deep and abiding Gospel-centered hope.

This sort of hope is based on the promises of God for us in Scripture, rooted in historical fact, and testified to by the work of the Spirit through the church and in our lives.

And Gospel-centered hope is what we truly need.

It is what strengthens us when we are worn out from ministry and in parenting. It upholds us when we feel inadequate and overwhelmed. It sustains us during difficult times.

Hope is also what gives substance to our joy and meaning to our trials.

And Gospel-centered hope is what our youth crave. It’s what they need when they feel ashamed, when their family is falling apart, or when anxiety threatens to overwhelm.

This sort of hope points us again and again to grace through faith as we rest in the finished work of Jesus. It is a sustaining grace that flows from the cross, is fueled by resurrection power, and emanates from our adoption into the household of God.

This is a hope in which we need to be renewed day by day.

Join us as we celebrate and ponder the good news of the hope offered to us in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our prayer is that it will strengthen and deepen your walk with the Lord and your ministry to youth.


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