The Story of Grace
As whimsical as it sounds, God has chosen to primarily reveal himself to us through the vehicle of story. Story is at the heart of Scripture, and it is in the story of Jesus – God himself – the Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End – where we find and make sense of our own stories. If we’re honest, we recognize ourselves in the many eccentric, often idiotic characters of the Bible; we are self-protecting like Peter, we want control like Eve, we are wayward like the prodigal son, and we are every bit as fickle and impatient and unbelieving as the Israelites. But what we see over and over again in the Word is an almighty, all-powerful, all-loving God, who does all the heavy-lifting for his weak and errant people. This thread of grace is woven throughout the pages of Scripture, and it is the unbreaking theme in our own lives that carries us one day to the next: we are an unlovable people who – by the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, his story –  are inexplicably called beloved by the God of the universe.


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