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Bible and Same-sex Relationships (YM/P)
Speaker: Christopher Yuan

There are six passages in Scripture which touch on the issue of homosexuality and condemn same-sex relationships. And yet some claim they do not. So what does the Bible really say? With a deep understanding of Hebrew, Greek, contextual issues, and biblical exegesis, Dr. Christopher Yuan presents and analyzes the gay-affirming interpretations of these Old Testament and New Testament passages with clarity and compassion.

Christian Ethics and LGBTQ Challenges (YM/P)
Speaker: Dennis Hollinger

This seminar will first probe helpful distinctions in Christian Ethics analysis of the LGBTQ issues.  We will then explore the biblical and historical understandings and respond to the challenges that have been raised in recent years.  We will conclude by discussing effective ministry to young people struggling personally or have friends who are struggling with LGBTQ attraction and identity.

Desegregating the Faith of Students (YM)
Speaker: Dave Wright
Only in recent years have churches begun to understand the importance of intergenerational relationships in the church. Teens need to know what the gospel looks like in the lives of people at all stages of life. Yet often churches remain age segregated in many ways.  How do we integrate students into the life of the congregation? Why is this so vital? This workshop will look at the why and how of integrating students into the life of the church.

Designing a Disciple-Making Strategy (YM)
Speaker: Davis Lacey
If asked, “What is the goal of youth ministry in the local church?” many youth ministers would answer, “To make disciples.” Yet in many ministries, the actual metric used to define success is numerical attendance or fun games/events. Even in ministries which prioritize discipleship, leaders often have difficulty articulating a concise, biblical definition of a disciple. In this workshop, Davis Lacey defines discipleship in concise, biblical language. From that definition, participants will be guided in how to develop a framework for disciple-making that impacts every ministry function and that can be replicated by every youth ministry volunteer.

Extreme Coping Mechanisms: Loving Students with Addiction, Self-Harm and Eating Disorders (YM/P)
Speakers: Liz Edrington
How do we approach the student who’s cutting, stealing, or struggling with an addiction or eating disorder? In this workshop, we will consider how to understand some of the more difficult situations we see our students experiencing and will explore the implications for supporting these students and their families as we walk alongside them. We’ll hit on anthropology, shame, hiding, identifying, hope, and scope.

Falling in Love With the Person of Jesus (YM/P)
Speaker: Robert Row
Sometimes our churches or youth ministries overemphasize the work of Christ to the neglect of inviting people to encounter the person of Christ. In this workshop, you’ll be invited to come and see Jesus in ways that will captivate your heart.  When we see Jesus, we are not only watching the GodMan but also the Second Adam. When we spend time getting the know the person of Jesus, our faith comes alive and our ministries are impacted. You are invited to come fall in love with Jesus, perhaps for the 1st time or the 100th.

Finding Joy in Parenting (P)
Speaker: Katie Polski
What is Biblical joy? What does it look like to have this kind of joy in the mundane of parenting? How can we experience Biblical joy in the midst of the pain and trials of parenthood?

Give them Grace: Dazzling Kids with the Love of Jesus (P)
Speaker: Elyse Fitzpatrick
If there is anything parents, youth workers, and youth themselves need, it’s grace. In this session we’ll discuss what “grace in parenting” looks like and how being personally dazzled with the love of Jesus is the only way to parent or lead with grace.

Gospel Messaging  (YM)
Speaker: Tucker Fleming
Politicians and marketers have been using consistent language to make their messages stick with their constituents. This conversation will explore how youth ministers can apply these common grace insights to message the Gospel in memorable ways for our students.

Growing Youth to Be Salt and Light (YM/P)
Speaker: Watson Jones III
The goal of this workshop is to provide youth workers and parents tools and ideas to aid young people in being a gospel centered and missional force in their context.  Guided by 1 Timothy 4:12 and Jeremiah 1:4-10, we will discuss God’s plan for youth in today’s culture and methods of discipleship. We will also discuss ideas and methods for inspiring  a salt-and-light presence in their schools, families, and friends circles.

Helping our Children Deal with Suffering and Death (YM/P)
Speaker: Katie Polski
The Bible never promised that the life of a believer would be easy. Knowing that our children will experience suffering and will deal with the death of loved ones, what can we be doing now to help them face the trials they will experience? How do we talk to our kids about death and dying at different ages?

It Is About You: “I Have Been Crucified” and the Personal Side of Paul’s Gospel (YM/P)
Speaker: Greg Lanier
Though Paul’s gospel emphasizes the life, death, resurrection, ascension, and return of Jesus Christ, there has to be a way for these historical events to become yours personally. In this session we will study how Paul sees personal salvation not simply as belief in these facts, but as a Christian’s relational participation in the facts “with” or “in” Christ. Furthermore, so much of ministry to students has involved trying to modify behavior rather than true heart transformation. We will also reflect on what it means to help young people see that salvation is not merely “WWJD” or even “a walk with Jesus,” but Christ living out from within you to make you like himself.

It Is Not About You: “The Fullness of Time” and the Historical Side of Paul’s Gospel (YM/P)
Speaker: Greg Lanier
In an age of selfies and curated social media, teens often struggle with self-absorption. Thus, it is easy to turn the gospel into merely a call to believe something and get right with God. But Paul’s presentation of the gospel is emphatically rooted in historical events accomplished by Christ outside ourselves. In this session we will focus on how Paul proclaims Jesus as the climax of the big, centuries-long saving plan of God—and what that means for ministry. We will show teens how they fit into a bigger gospel story.

It Was Like You Were Speaking Right to Me: How to Apply Scripture to the Complexity of Life (YM)
Speaker: Clayton Keenon
How do you make something true in Scripture feel true to life? By making it speak to the whole person, rather than a one-dimensional caricature. This simple tool helps you understand your audience at a profound level, so that you can speak to the complexity of life in a way that rings true to their experience.

Maybe We Don’t Have Revival Because We Don’t Ask (YM)
Speaker: Collin Hansen
Many of the most dynamic periods of recent church history started with simple prayers for God to act as only he can. And many of those prayers started with students and young people. We’ll draw inspiration and instruction from the Bible and church history to learn how we can encourage rising generations to plead with God to revive his church.

Not Another Brick in the Wall – Teaching Students As If They Were Made In the Image of God (YM/P)
Speaker: Stephen Yates
A gospel-centered approach to student ministry doesn’t only ask whether the content of our message is shaped by Jesus, but acknowledges that the recipients of that message are made in God’s image as well. This means taking into account students’ particular stages of cognitive, emotional, physical, and spiritual development to help determine what we should say, and how we should say it, so students can actually hear. Come learn how developmental psychology and educational methodology can help you better communicate with those whom God has called you to love.

Sex, Marriage and Contemporary Culture (YM/P)
Speakers: Dennis and Mary Ann Hollinger
This seminar will highlight competing cultural narratives regarding intimate relationships, human sexuality, cohabitation and marriage.  We will then explore Biblical and theological understandings on the meaning and purposes of physical intimacy.  The seminar will end with a discussion of practical suggestions for youth workers and parents as they guide young people toward faithful and healthy intimate relationships.

Surprised by Paradox: Why Teenagers Can Handle the Mysteries and Complexities of Faith (YM/P)
Speaker: Jen Pollock Michel
It’s our impulse, as parents and ministry leaders, to try to simplify faith for our children and students. If they have questions, we want to give them answers! But what does it look like to wrestle with the mystery and complexity of Christian faith, especially with the younger generation? This workshop will explore some of the paradoxes of the Christianity and the virtues that paradox necessarily forms in us.

Tag Team: How Parents and Youth Ministers Can Work Together for Fullness of Discipleship to Teens (YM/P)
Speakers: Kendal Conner and Anna Harris
One of the greatest challenges of youth ministry often is partnering with parents and one of the greatest challenges of parenting is, well, everything. Veteran youth minister Kendal Conner and Rooted Parent editor Anna Meade Harris team up in this practical workshop to serve both audiences. How can parents and youth ministers build the invaluable partnership of the family and church? Because when parents and youth workers learn to disciple teens together, the whole church grows stronger in the gospel.

Teaching the Bible to Transform Lives (YM)
Speaker: Dave Wright
How do we prepare Bible teaching that will speak to the heart, soul, and mind of students? Our goal in Bible teaching should always be transformation but how do we really prepare in such a way that our teaching will open hearts, stir souls, and captivate the minds of students? This workshop will examine the process of preparing to teach the Bible in a way that transforms lives.

The Duty and Delight of Catechizing Your Children (P)
Speaker: Collin Hansen
Catechesis was a top priority in the Reformation. And it will be vital for church renewal in our own day as well. Learn how modern-day catechesis can help your family resist the world’s false hopes and rejoice in the Lord’s sure promises.

The Next Era of Youth Ministry (YM)
Speaker:  Mike McGarry
The history of youth ministry might seem like boring material for a college class, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It helps us understand the expectations parents and church leaders often have about youth ministry, some of which desperately need reformation. The last few years seem to be ushering in a new era of youth ministry where family-discipleship and intergenerational ministry are taken more seriously. This session will prioritize that practical implications of youth ministry’s evolution while discussing together what seems to be brewing for the years to come.

The “Secret Sauce” of Youth Ministry: Creating a Culture of Student Leadership (YM)
Speaker: Chelsea Erickson with student leaders Susana Martinez and Conor Whalen
Have you noticed attrition in your ministry as upperclassmen begin investing more of their time in school or sports and less time at youth group? Are you discouraged by the way students who seem rooted in Christ struggle to find their place in the church after high school graduation? Establishing a culture of student leadership helps students form lifelong patterns for participation in the local church. In this workshop, we’ll consider practical steps for creating a student leadership pipeline in your context.

The Talk (YM/P)
Speaker: Jessica Thompson
Developing a holistic view of sexuality is something the church has failed at. We have defaulted to rules as a way to control and have forgotten that the gospel is the only thing that changes us, even our sexuality. In this session, Jessica will explore how the gospel and sexuality intersect.

Training and Follow-up for Impactful and Transformative Short-term Mission Trips (YM)
Speaker: Ronnie Davis
Both the effectiveness of short-term mission trips and the long-term impact on the participants depends largely on effective training as well as intentionality after the trip.  This workshop will explore ideas regarding effective training for mission trips that moves beyond specific methods or skills to a focus on more foundational ideas such as developing a strong theological understanding of mission and how to humbly enter into a different culture/geography as both servers and learners.  We will also explore how to effectively follow up from a mission trip in a way that will lead to participants developing a closer relationship to Christ and a greater commitment to His mission.

Working with Anxious Parents of Anxious Teenagers (YM)
Speaker: Danny Kwon
Helping Parents Embrace Their Teenager’s (& Young Adult’s) Depression & Anxiety- For teenagers and young adults today, depression and anxiety seems to be becoming an epidemic. They are stressed, anxious, and even suicidal. This session will begin to offer help for parents (and those who serve parents) to understand and embrace their teenagers and young adults, to walk with them, and offer their guidance and love in their journey with their children

* YM- Youth Ministry Track; P- Parenting Track


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