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Face Time: Helping our Teens See Their Identity and Worth in Christ

Speaker: Kristen Hatton

Driven by our selfie culture today’s teens spend countless hours consumed with their image and insecure about how they compare to their peers. They want to know they matter, but with Satan’s whispering lies convincing them they aren’t enough they look to other’s approval, their appearance or performance for their worth. Trying to secure an identity in anything other than Christ always turns up empty. Therefore they need help coming face to face with the idols ruling their hearts to see clearly their true identity rooted in Christ. Theology matters and the doctrine of justification can not be any more practical when it comes to the daily need and application of knowing who Christ is for them and who they are in Christ.

Ain’t That a Shame: Understanding How Shame Affects Asian American Youth

Speaker: Benjamin Shin

The pressures of youth today are enormous especially if one desires to be a faithful follower of Christ. Add to this the cultural dynamic of shame to Asian American youth and you have a very toxic combination. This seminar will explain how shame affects Asian American youth and how Christ became the ultimate shame-bearer through His death on the cross and by His resurrection for new life.

Theology of Fun & Games

Speaker: Mike McGarry

Don’t build on fun and games, but don’t be afraid to utilize them in order to build a gospel-centered community. In the Christian life there is a time for study, and a time for laughter – and that should be reflected in the rhythm of our ministries to students. We will discuss the unintentional ways that fun can become the functional-purpose of youth group while recognizing that fun is not the enemy. Instead, we can leverage fun and games to break down walls between students, tear down cliques, and create a welcoming community where we have cultivated trust by the time they hear the gospel proclaimed.

Supporting At-Risk Youth in High-Conflict Situations

Speaker: Dr. Tiffany Whitworth

Messy divorce. Cutting. Substance abuse. Trauma. Many youth live with painful realities. In this workshop clinical child psychologist, Tiffany Whitworth, will explain how at-risk behaviors are ill-attempts to satisfy basic human needs. Drawing upon the doctrine of the imago dei and the Gospel message, Dr. Whitworth will then provide principles of behaviorism and emotion coaching to give practical ways to minister to at-risk youth and help them meet their needs in godly ways.

Peacemaker: Practical Skills in Dealing with Conflict

Speaker: Mark Howard and Dr. Tiffany Whitworth

Conflict happens. It can ruin relationships within friendships, families and churches. But it doesn’t have to. In fact, conflict can lead to stronger, deeper relationships when resolved with wisdom and grace. Drawing upon Ken Sande’s book, Peacemaker, and Gottman’s concept of emotion coaching, this workshop will explore practical, biblical ways resolve conflict and foster a community that actively pursues peace within youth groups and families.

The Gospel in the Muslim World: Loving Your Enemies

Speaker: Mark Howard

More Iranians have become Christians in the past two decades than the previous 1,300 years combined. This workshop will look at the powerful way the Gospel is at work in the Iran region and explore how the story of Iran’s church can inform our ministries here in the United States – particularly in loving those we have been taught to fear and hate.

The Tree: A Model for Understanding Sexual Struggles

Speakers: Dan Wilson and Cooper Pinson

Where does our sexuality come from, and how can we understand our students as sexual creations? Uncover the complexities of humanity as it pertains to sex and sexuality, how sin mars it, and how Christ restores it.

Sexualized: Integrating Gospel Sexuality into Student Ministry

Speakers: Dan Wilson and Cooper Pinson

Learn how to communicate and implement a gospel vision for sexuality in student ministry and receive practical guidance for large/small groups, one-on-one discipleship, and parental support.

Growing as a Speaker

Speaker: Dave Wright

How do we improve our communication of the gospel and the truths of God’s word? Effective speaking is about both the content and how we communicate that content. How do we shake off bad speaking habits and develop skills to captivate an audience? How do we make our teaching memorable and immediately applicable? Can we communicate in a way that glorifies God more than drawing attention to ourselves? Applying lessons learned during 30 years of full time youth ministry in several very different contexts, this workshop will challenge and encourage you to become a more effective communicator.


Speaker: James Sutton

This workshop will focus on four categories of blindspots and how they impede reconciliation. James will outline steps to overcome the blindspots and work towards reconciliation.

More workshops to be posted as they are confirmed.

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