Coronavirus Resources

Starting March 16, 2020, Rooted will be sharing daily encouragement in the gospel and practical guidance for both youth pastors and parents. We will also post these devotions and resources on this page so our posts will be easy to find.

Sustaining Your Youth Ministry During A Global Pandemic video and practical help from Kevin Yi.

Gospel- Centered Resources for Dealing with Coronavirus (March 9, 2020)

Parenting With Patience in a Pandemic– a special offer for Rooted Parent readers from Chap Bettis, director of the Apollos Project, a ministry that helps parents disciple their children.

The Unique Ministry Opportunity in the Coronavirus Tragedy by Cameron Cole.

Helping Students Redeem the Time During a Quarantine by Chelsea Kingston Erickson.

Practical Tips For Doing Digital Youth Ministry Part One by Kevin Yi.

Practical Tips for Doing Digital Youth Ministry Part Two by Kevin Yi.

What Should I do Now? Youth Ministry in a Coronavirus World, CPYU. This podcast from Walt Mueller, longtime friend of Rooted, includes Rooted Steering Committee members Chelsea Kingston Erickson and Kevin Yi.

Liturgy For A Pandemic by Greg Meyer.

Ask Alice: Helping Teenagers Deal With Fear During Frightening Times with Alice Churnock. Originally recorded before the COVID-19 pandemic, the principles Alice discusses remain true and helpful.

Helping Our Kids Through Grief and Disappointment Caused by COVID-19 by Kristen Hatton.

Advent Christian Academy- A Resource for Families

Youth Ministers: COVID-19 Is An Opportunity for Your Students by Davis Lacey.

Household Worship: A Guide For Families Going to Church Online by Chelsea Kingston Erickson.

COVID-19: Leaning Into the Resurrection of Christ by Ben Sciacca.

Help For Parents Quarantined With Teens by Katie Polski.

Whatever is Foreseen in Joy: Wendell Berry and the Corona- Crisis by Mark Howard.

Stop Looking For  Greater Good by Christopher Talbot.

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