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Starting March 16, 2020, Rooted will be sharing daily encouragement in the gospel and practical guidance for both youth pastors and parents. We will also post these devotions and resources on this page so our posts will be easy to find.

Sustaining Your Youth Ministry During A Global Pandemic video and practical help from Kevin Yi.

Gospel- Centered Resources for Dealing with Coronavirus (March 9, 2020)

Parenting With Patience in a Pandemic– a special offer for Rooted Parent readers from Chap Bettis, director of the Apollos Project, a ministry that helps parents disciple their children.

The Unique Ministry Opportunity in the Coronavirus Tragedy by Cameron Cole.

Helping Students Redeem the Time During a Quarantine by Chelsea Kingston Erickson.

Practical Tips For Doing Digital Youth Ministry Part One by Kevin Yi.

Practical Tips for Doing Digital Youth Ministry Part Two by Kevin Yi.

What Should I do Now? Youth Ministry in a Coronavirus World, CPYU. This podcast from Walt Mueller, longtime friend of Rooted, includes Rooted Steering Committee members Chelsea Kingston Erickson and Kevin Yi.

Liturgy For A Pandemic by Greg Meyer.

Ask Alice: Helping Teenagers Deal With Fear During Frightening Times with Alice Churnock. Originally recorded before the COVID-19 pandemic, the principles Alice discusses remain true and helpful.

Helping Our Kids Through Grief and Disappointment Caused by COVID-19 by Kristen Hatton.

Advent Christian Academy- A Resource for Families

Youth Ministers: COVID-19 Is An Opportunity for Your Students by Davis Lacey.

Household Worship: A Guide For Families Going to Church Online by Chelsea Kingston Erickson.

COVID-19: Leaning Into the Resurrection of Christ by Ben Sciacca.

Help For Parents Quarantined With Teens by Katie Polski.

Whatever is Foreseen in Joy: Wendell Berry and the Corona- Crisis by Mark Howard.

Stop Looking For  Greater Good by Christopher Talbot.

Why Onward is Worth the Stream (Plus a Guide for Family Discussion) by Mac Harris.

Youth Leader, What’s In Their Suitcase During This Crisis? by Cameron Cole.

Ask Alice: Silver Linings in the Midst of a Pandemic with Alice Churnock.

Rooted Reservoir Releases Free Philippians Curriculum from Rooted Reservoir.

Thanos to Theos: Episode 1 with Clark Fobes, Mike McGarry, and Kevin Yi.

A Prayer Guide for Youth in the Midst of Coronavirus by Mike McGarry.

Resurrection Hope for a Different Kind of Easter by Ben Birdsong.

Therefore I Have Hope- A Video Devotion Series With Cameron Cole.

Word of Grace Devotions: Managing Our Emotions and Beholding God’s Beauty by Liz Edrington and Katie Polski.

Parenting in a Pandemic: Some Practical Considerations by Mike McGarry.

Noah, The Ark, And COVID-19 by Carolyn Lankford.

Thanos to Theos: Episode Two by Clark Fobes, Mike McGarry and Kevin Yi.

The Ethical Lesson for the Young in the Corona-Crisis by Cameron Cole.

In Stormy Seasons, Remember God’s Faithfulness by Dorena Williamson.

Therefore I Have Hope: A Video Devotional With Cameron Cole, Part Two.

The Hiding Place: A Family Read- Aloud for Uncertain Times by Christina Fox.

Word of Grace Devotions: Waiting on Our Faithful, Unchanging God by Kendal Conner, Mary Beth Johnston and Kristen Hatton.

Homeschooling 101: Educating the Whole Person with Brett and Erin Kunkle, and Kevin and Tracy Yi.

Doubting Thomas and Jesus’ Gracious Invitation by Arek O’Connell.

Thanos to Theos: Episode 3 with Clark Fobes, Mike McGarry and Kevin Yi.

God’s Sovereignty and Your Family’s Suffering by Davis Lacey.

Rooted Reservoir: Introduction to Philippians Webinar with Tucker Fleming and Mary Beth Johnston.

Turning to the Psalms in the Crisis of COVID-19 by Skyler Flowers.

Doctrine I Want Students to Grasp From the Tiger King by Dave Wright

Therefore I Have Hope: A Video Devotion Series from Cameron Cole, Part Three

Word of Grace Devotions: Hope, Become, Rest with Clark Fobes, Chris Li, and Chelsea Erickson.

Five Ways Parents Can Stay Sane in the Corona-Crisis by Cameron Cole.

Psalm 46: A Coronavirus Devotional by Rebecca Lankford.

Corona-Clarity and Experiencing the Rest of God for Youth Ministers by Greg Meyer.

Ask Alice: The Impact of Birth Order and Sibling Roles in Family Dynamics by Alice Churnock.

Dealing With Loneliness in Quarantine and Social Distancing by Clark Fobes.

Renewing Your Faith in a Pandemic by Tracey Rector.

Thanos to Theos: Episode 4 by Clark Fobes, Mike McGarry and Kevin Yi.

What I’m Teaching During the COVID-19 Crisis: The Lord’s Prayer by Dan Montgomery.

A Season for Pruning by Dawson Cooper.

Loving Our Students With Depression: The God Who Sees by Liz Edrington.

He Meant to Pass by Them: What Is Our Hope in Suffering? by John Pond.

A Reason to Sing: His Mercy Shall Follow by Katie Polski.

Is Lockdown Releasing Your Family to Practice Family Worship? By Jonathan Barney.

A Word of Hope for Youth Pastors and Parents: God’s Greatness Seen Through the Plagues and COVID-19 by Kristen Hatton.

A Tool For Talking With Your Youth Group About Postmodernism by Chelsea Kingston Erickson.

HTH: Redemptive Reentry Inventory for Families by Kristen Hatton

Our Teenagers Need to Pray Angry by Seth Stewart.

Dear Youth Minister of a COVID-19 Senior by Chelsea Kingston Erickson.

Dear Parent of a COVID-19 Senior by Anna Meade Harris.

Ask Rooted: How are You Re- Thinking Summer Mission Trips in Light of COVID-19? Rooted.

“Reopening” Your Youth Ministry: Questions to Consider by Kendal Conner.

Parenting Perfectly in a Pandemic: How’s That Working For You? by Dawson Cooper.

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