Several key figures in the Christian church have endorsed Rooted: Advancing Grace-Driven Ministry

“Cross-centeredness is at the heart of the Gospel message and evangelical identity. It’s about time that someone connect this basic theme of our faith to student ministry! This sounds like a wonderful conference with great speakers and practical wisdom for the life of the church today.”

  • Timothy George, a senior theological advisor for Christianity Today, the founding dean of Beeson Divinity School of Samford University, and considered one of the most influential Christian voices in the world.

“One more exciting evidence of the rediscovery of the gospel in our times is the Rooted Ministry Conference.  If you believe that God’s power comes down through his message rather than our methods, Rooted Ministry will encourage you.  If you aren’t sure of that yet, this conference will help you think it through.  But don’t miss it!”

  • Dr. Ray Ortlund, Pastor, Immanuel Presbyterian Church; Council Member, The Gospel Coalition

“In an era of “Christless Christianity,” the chances of a student hearing a vigorous presentation and/or defense of historic Christianity are few — in church or on campus. But to have students hear and embrace this Gospel is to later effect many educated people who never consider darkening the door of a Christian church, don’t see any reason why they should. As former associate staff of Inter-Varsity, I heartily commend the Cathedral of the Advent’s conference on student ministry.”

  • Dr. Rod Rosenbladt, professor, Concordia University Irvine, and co-host White Horse Inn


“I’m a Christian, someone who believes that a young adult named Jesus is the full revelation of God. That’s only one reason why I believe that student ministry is not only one of the greatest needs of our church but also a source of great spiritual vitality. God is doing some spectacular things among this generation of youth and young adults. This Conference, with its theological focus, it’s construal of student ministry as a theological challenge, will help us better to work with the God who, in Jesus Christ, is determined to work with our students!”

  • Will Willimon, Bishop, the United Methodist Church, for twenty years, Dean of the Chapel, Duke University

I am delighted to recommend Rooted Ministry sponsored by the Cathedral of the Advent. The Conference unashamedly believes that the message of the Cross forms the center of student ministry. In a culture consumed with self-fulfillment and me first, those who can witness and teach finding life through the self-emptying grace of the Cross can be a great blessing and the means to life transformation. Dedicated, theologically articulate youth leadership was one of the building blocks we used in South Carolina to transform our parishes.

  • The Rt. Rev. Edward L. Salmon, Jr., former Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina

It is crucial, in the formative years, that we both hear a clear statement concerning the sufficiency of Christ and the power of the Gospel to not only deliver us from our sin but also to present us to Christ for a life that might be well lived. This conference, through the capable and gifted keynote speakers as well as presenters, is positioned to greatly impact those who will take advantage of the opportunity to come. Its focus upon Christ and the Gospel by developing sound lives through sound doctrine is an event that should not and if at all possible must not be missed. I highly commend it to you.

  • Dr. Harry L. Reeder, III, Senior Pastor, Briarwood Presbyterian Church

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