All About Boys with David Thomas- Episode One


In this inaugural podcast, veteran Nashville counselor David Thomas introduces us to himself and his family and shares with us the aim for this exciting new Rooted podcast. Designed to help anyone who loves and works with or lives with boys, All About Boys will explore the mental, physical, psychological and spiritual lives of the young men in our care.

Show notes:

The Five stages of Male Development

  • the Explorer
  • the Lover
  • the Individual
  • the Wanderer
  • the Warrior

Some of the things David touches on include: activity level, impulse control, rate of development, overstimulation response, learning styles, what a boy needs from parents (among other things, “brain breaks” are a great idea), conversation with boys, appropriate outlets, the complexity of male adolescence, supporting a young adult male- among other things!

Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys by Stephen James and David Thomas

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