Sex Education Curriculum, Episode 4


This is Episode 4 of Rooted’s Sex Education Curriculm for Families, “Be Aware of What Our Culture At Large Tells Us About Sex, For in Making Sex Everything, Modern Pop Culture Essentially Makes Sex Nothing.” It was recorded by Liz Edrington and Cameron Cole. Below you will find a few guiding questions which might help kick-start the conversation between parents and children in addition to just a few things to keep in mind as you listen to and discuss these podcasts. For a link to all of the episodes in this curriculm, please click here.

What are some of the lies you feel like the culture has told you about sex?

What kind of emphasis does our culture place on sex?

Culture tells us that it is healthy to have sex whenever, wherever, and with whomever. How is this different from the biblical picture?

If you have believed and acted upon one of these cultural lies Cameron and Liz mentioned, is there still hope for healing?

Things to keep in mind as you talk with your child about this:
This is the water your child swims in: the accessibility to society’s messaging about sex is not just greater than it once was, it is unavoidable. This makes discipleship that much more important. Also, if your child struggles with some of these cultural lies about sex, it doesn’t mean that they’re a deviant or that you’re an inattentive parent. Folks don’t have to look far to find cultural-sexual messaging.

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