Regional Groups: Youth Minister Gatherings in Local Communities

What is a Rooted Regional Group?

Rooted Regional Groups are gatherings of youth pastors in local communities for the sake of fellowship, prayer, and instruction. We have learned historically that youth pastors long for fellowship that is authentic (non-awkward) and where conversation focuses on where they are encouraged and discouraged in life and ministry, not on numbers. They want other youth pastors with whom they can pray. They also want good instruction on how to do more effective youth ministry but do not want the pressure of having to produce it among themselves.

What Happens at a Rooted Regional Group?

At Rooted Regional Groups, youth pastors gather for a meal, authentic fellowship, prayer, and a 10-15 minutes of video instruction, provided by Rooted, featuring a national expert. We hope to offer the benefits and experience of a Rooted conference in a local community three-times per year.

When is the next Rooted Regional Group?

Our next RRG will be November 5th.

Email Mary Beth Johnston at [email protected] with any questions.

Where are Rooted Regional Groups currently?

Ames, IA  •  Atlanta, GA  •  Beaver Falls, PA  •  Birmingham, AL  •  Boston, MA  •  Central Illinois  •   Central Point, OR  •  Centreville, VA  •  Charleston, SC  •  Chicago (Barrington), IL  •  Chicago (N. Suburbs), IL  •  Clinton, MS  •  Columbia, SC   •  El Paso, TX  •   Emory, TX  •  Grand Rapids, MI  •  Greensboro, NC  •  Hebron, KY  •  Hot Springs, SD  •  Indianapolis, IN  •  Kansas City, MO  •  Knoxville, TN •  Los Angeles, CA  •  Nashville, TN  •  New York City (Westchester), NY  •  Oklahoma City, OK  •  Olympia, WA  •  Orlando, FL  •   Rockford, IL  •   San Diego, CA  •  Souix Falls, SD  •  St. Francisville, LA  •   St. Louis, MO  •  Tallahassee, FL  •  Winnipeg, MB

What if I am not near a current RRG?

If you are not located near one of our current regional group locations you are welcome to join us for our Online RRG that will take place via Zoom call on November 9th from 1-2pm CST.
If you are interested in starting a RRG in your area please contact [email protected] 

How can I get involved?

A link to register for the upcoming online RRG will be posted soon. Stay tuned.

If you are interested in hosting a Rooted Regional Group, please email [email protected].



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