Articles on Rooted

Youth Ministry’s Historical Temptation to Compromise on Biblical Truth by Cameron Cole

Tackling Tough Topics With Teens by Kerry Trunfio


Playing With Fire: How the Bible Ignites Change in Your Soul by Walt Russell. One of the most accessible resources on hermeneutics, written by a seminary professor.

Preaching and Preachers by Martyn Lloyd-Jones. This book gives both a grand vision of preaching and the practical how-tos that every new pastor needs to get on their feet preaching.

Teaching the Text Commentary Series by Baker Publishing. Simple, easy to read, yet rich in background for selected books of the Bile. Especially helpful with to the OT.

Sermons & Software

TGC 2011 National Conference Media. Many of these sermons and panels are a great resource for understanding how to preach the Gospel from the OT.

Logos– Advanced Bible Study software.


Blue Letter Bible– An extensive resource for Bible study, this website also provides devotions and study notes.

The Bible Project. The Bible Project is a non-profit animation studio that produces short-from, fully animated videos that make the Biblical story accessible to everyone, everywhere. They create videos, podcasts, and study guides that explore the Bible’s unified story. They focus in the Bible’s overarching themes and each book’s literary design and are committed to understanding the Bible in its historical context.

Enduring Word Commentary. Enduring Word exists to promote the work of Christian discipleship and evangelism worldwide, mainly through the publication and dissemination  of the Bible teaching work of David Guzik and like-minded people.

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