Gospel-Centered Parenting

Articles on Rooted

Gospel-Astonished Parenting by Rob Yancey

Four Plumblines to Parent with Grace by Seth Stewart

Navigating Prom: Looking Through the Lens of God’s Word to Filter Our Parenting by Kristen Hatton (Not just about Prom!)

When Losing Is Winning: Talking to Your Teen About Losing Their Life for Christ by Tracey Rector

Four Signs I Have Made My Child My Idol by Anna Meade Harris


Give Them Grace: Dazzling Your Kids With the Love of Jesus by Elyse Fitzpatrick and Jessica Thompson. Give Them Grace is a revolutionary perspective on parenting that shows us how to receive the gospel afresh and give grace in abundance, helping our children know the dazzling love of Jesus and respond with heartfelt obedience.

14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family and Age of Opportunity: A BIblical Guide to Parenting Teens by Paul David Tripp. Tripp is one of the best teachers we have on gospel-centered parenting, and his books are an excellent resource for parents with kids of all ages.

The Gospel- Centered Parent by Rose Marie Miller and others. A 10-week study for small group or couples. Gospel principles for families.

Missional Motherhood: The Everyday Ministry of Motherhood in the Grand Plan of God by Gloria Furman. God’s design for motherhood; discipling children in the home, community and church.

Christ In the Chaos: How the Gospel Changes Motherhood by Kimm Crandall. The gospel for grace-starved mothers. In this book, Kimm Crandall emphasizes the importance of the gospel and how Christ’s life, death, and resurrection change every aspect of motherhood.

You Are What You Love by James K.A.Smith. In this book, award-winning author James K. A. Smith shows that who and what we worship fundamentally shape our hearts. 

Seculosity: How Career, Parenting, Technology, Food, Politics, and Romance Became Our New Religion and What to Do about It by David Zahl. See our review here. Zahl unmasks the competing pieties around which so much of our lives revolve, and he does so in a way that’s at points playful, personal, and incisive.

Talking With Your Kids About God: 30 Conversations Every Parent Must Have by Natasha Crain. In a friendly, parent-to-parent voice, Natasha Crain will walk you through essential topics on Jesus’s identity, teachings, death, and resurrection.

Websites and Podcasts

Ask Alice Raising Kids is hard. Raising Godly kids is harder. Ask Alice is hosted by licensed professional counselor, Alice Churnock who answers questions from concerned parents by incorporating therapeutic techniques and Christian values. Ask Alice is a part of the Rooted Family of Podcasts.

All About Boys All About Boys is a podcast that explores the mind and hearts of boys – who they are and what they need from the adults in their lives. This podcast explores what boys face, where they struggle, and how to help them find purpose and meaning. The podcast host is David Thomas, family therapist, national speaker and author of the best-selling, Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys. All About Boys is a part of the Rooted Family of Podcasts.

Risen Motherhood An excellent website with several different resources, Risen Motherhood’s greatest strength is its podcast. From their “about” page: “This is a community that will remind you of gospel-truth, no matter how you feel about your motherhood. It’s for the imperfect mother, still learning, still growing and still fully recognizing she doesn’t have it all together – but we serve a God who does.”

Pardon the Mess… a new podcast from christianparenting.org. Only four episodes in at this writing, but the website is a good one and the podcast promises to be too.

Christian Parenting. The best thing about this website is the way it addresses contemporary cultural issues and developmental issues. While the articles are not long and not deeply theological, each one does include recommended reading at the end if you’d like to pursue the topic further.

Raising Boys and Girls This website is run by Daystar Counseling, and it is a wealth of Christian parenting resources. These counselors are in the trenches with kids and families every day, so check out their blog, podcast, and books.

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