One Thing White Evangelicals Should Understand About Racial Reconciliation by Thabiti Anyabwile, TGC. “If I could have every white evangelical understand one thing about racial reconciliation…it would be to have them understand and embrace…their disproportionate responsibility to lead in it.” (video)

Race, the Gospel, and Justice: An Interview with Esau McCaulley, by Ed Stetzer and Esau MCaulley (5 Parts), Christianity Today. “All over the New Testament, you see the reality that the problem isn’t simply the individual sinner’s sin against individuals, but also that systems are opposed both to God’s people and the needy.” (interview transcript)

Singing the Songs of Injustice by David O. Taylor and David M. Bailey, Christianity Today. “As a leader, there is a temptation to control the public prayer life out of fear that something would be said that would cause division. We’ve found the opposite to be true. Allowing people to express their heart before God built intimacy with one another in ways that a well-crafted sermon or prayer can’t do. Since then we’ve always practice public lament services in response to tragedies.” (article)

George Floyd and Me by Shai Linne, TGC. For me, “life as usual” means recognizing some people perceive me as a threat based solely on the color of my skin. For me, “life as usual” means preparing my sons for the coming time when they’re no longer perceived as cute little boys, but teenage “thugs.” Long after George Floyd disappears from the headlines, I will still be a black man in America. (article)

I Have Only One Hope for Racial Justice: A God Who Conquered Death by Esau McCaulley, Christianity Today. “Where does my hope come from? Not from the usual places. Not from the fact that we’ve added more faces to our marches. My trust goes much deeper—to the Resurrection, and the way in which it reconfigures our spiritual imagination. God has a long history of giving his people a belief in the seemingly impossible.”

5 Children’s Books on Racism and the Gospel by Quina Aragon, TGC. “I’m so grateful for these five children’s books that cover topics like the image of God, the evil of racism, the gospel of grace, the beauty of diversity in the church, and what faithfulness to Christ looks like in a society that too often treasures white supremacy above Christ and his multiethnic, colorful kingdom.” 

We Need to be Uncomfortable by Philip Holmes, TGC. “America still has a race problem. And even though it’s not as blatant as the racism experienced by my ancestors, it is still threatening black lives across this country. We have to confront partiality by listening, learning, and engaging.”

A Call to Prayer and Fasting in Order to Combat Racism and Injustice by Lemanuel Williams, ERLC. “George Floyd’s blood speaks to me. I have responded to it with grief, anguish, and anger. His death reminds me of the pervading presence and power of racism in our nation. But, it also has left me feeling helpless and powerless. Yet, there is a blood that speaks a better word (Heb. 12:24).”

A Nation on Fire Needs the Flames of the Spirit by Esau Mccauley, Christianity Today. “Black Christians can deal with people who have no reason support us. We can deal with secular racists. What is heartbreaking and exhausting is to find ourselves fighting for our right to exist and then find that the enemy is our brother.”

A Guide for Praying Through Racial Reconciliation as a Family by Kevin Yi, “SOLA Editorial Board Member Kevin Yi wrote this prayer guide for families to help them discuss racial reconciliation together. We want to encourage parents to be honest with their children so that we can openly fight the sin of racism and bring the light of Christ into our hearts, homes, and communities.” 

On Talking to Your Child About Race by Dr. Michelle Reyes, the “It’s not enough to just increase a child’s awareness of racial differences. The way we talk about others also plays a huge role in either reinforcing power structures or breaking them down—in rejecting “the other” or in planting the seeds for our children to view others the way God views them.” 

How Can I Teach My Kids About Race and Racial Unity? A Roundtable Discussion with Trillia Newbell, Timothy Paul Jones, and Erica Ho, by Lindsay Nicolet, ERLC. One of the best defenses against racism is recognizing beauty in those who are different from us instead of feeling discomfort or fear.”

What the Bible Has to Say About Black Anger by Esau McCaulley, New York Times.  

Seeking Racial Justice: Going Beyond Social Media Solidarity  by Clark Fobes

Justice in the Name of Jesus: Teaching White Teens to be Anti-Racist by Kendal Conner and Seth Stewart

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