Student Series on Rooted

Written by teens about the issues they face, these articles could be helpful to share with your students.


Discovering a Deeply Relational God by Joe Martin

Scripture Carries More Weight Than Your Opinion by Lauren Gilbert

Idol Worship and the Main Thing in High School by Frances Conner

Six Situations Every College Student Should Be Ready For by Mac Harris

Finding Comfort in the Lonely Times of Freshman Year by Spencer Haynes

When God Carries Us Through the Wilderness by Margaret Pope

Rubbing Elbows with Grace and Nonbelievers in College by Russell Galloway

On Exiting the Bubble of Comfort by Rebecca Hatton

Certain Joy and Uncertain Stress by Jeffrey Jones

I’m a Fan of God by Holly Brown

We are Never Alone by Maddie Allen

Trusting God’s Plan Will Come Into Focus by Spencer Haynes

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