Happy Mother’s Day From Rooted Ministry


To all the mothers out there, from those with babes-in-arms to those whose children own their own homes… we see you. We appreciate you. We pray for you. We are confident that your name, and your children’s names, are written on the palms of Almighty God’s own hands. He adores you and your kids. Rest in His love today and every day. Happy Mother’s Day!

The Bond and Burden of Motherhood by Kristen Hatton

“Whether our children’s trials are big or small, a result of their own sin and rebellion or someone else’s, they take a toll on mom… I have discovered that in my children’s trials, God has also had my sanctification in mind.”

Fully Seen, Fully Known, and Fully Loved by Dawson Cooper

“When my mother passed away three years ago, I realized just how much that feeling of being known meant to me. It wasn’t that she took her knowledge of me and fixed my problems or said the right thing, because some things can’t be fixed and sometimes there’s nothing to say. It was simply that she knew the nuances of my voice or the look in my eyes. She saw me; she knew me.”

The Joy Set Before a Mother: Christ Formed in Her Children by Anna Meade Harris

“The fondest hope and deepest prayer of a Christian mother is exactly this: Christ formed in her child. And mothers will joyfully suffer whatever God requires of us to help bring forth Christ in our sons and daughters.”

And finally, here is a meditation from Rooted writer Anne Sanford:

Parents Know Best

My three-year-old stands atop a concrete hill. He is barefoot and smiling from ear to ear as he prepares to sprint to the bottom. “Be careful,” I tell him, knowing that he gets his clumsiness from me and will, without a doubt, somehow injure himself during this little jaunt.  “Moooom! I AM being careful!” is the response I get. I just stand and watch. 3…2…1…boom…the sound of toddler screams can probably be heard for miles.  He is fine, just a skinned knee and stubbed toe. As I hug him and doctor his wounds, I can’t help but shake my head, laugh, and think of how this was all so avoidable.

Sometimes I wonder if God shakes His head and laughs at me, knowing that some of my greatest pain has likely been avoidable. “Have no other gods before me” He commands of me in Exodus. “But Gooood, I DON’T have any other gods!” I say as I continue to build my self-worth on my accomplishments then feel completely empty when I fail to achieve my goals.  “Wait on me” He tells me in Psalms. Again, I roll my eyes at Him as I frantically try to make my plan fall into place, all the while becoming more and more frustrated that things aren’t happening on my timeline. “Love your neighbor as yourself” Christ asks of us in Mark’s Gospel.  “Of course I love my neighbor, Lord!”I tell him as I critically eye the actions of other parents or ignore the cries for justice of the marginalized while I bemoan the pain and brokenness in the world.

Parenting is a humbling endeavor (understatement of the century)!  Each time I have to coax my child to “listen and obey” or “trust mommy” for his own good, I am reminded of how often I fail to do this with my Heavenly Father. As I approach this Mother’s Day, I am thankful for God’s grace which covers not only my failures as a mother, but my entire sinful self.

Happy Mother’s Day! This post is wonderful encouragement from Rooted writer Holly Mackle– enjoy!





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